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                     Village of Christ Ministry

 Village of Christ Ministry is a place for everyone to come together in worship, fellowship, and community. Our outreach ministry started in our local community and soon spread scross the country, and now our website reaches people all over the world. We are a non-denominational ministry following the Holy Bible, sharing the love of Jesus Christ, and bringing the Word of God to all of mankind.

 Village of Christ Ministry is progressive in worship, music, and fellowship and our message is uplifting and entertaining. We bring peace into your life through spiritual healing, worship and prayer, and fellowship that's good for your soul. Serving the community is a big part of our ministry with our own programs as well as supporting other charities.

 Our mission is to bring our outreach ministry to communities across the world, community programs and charity, worship and fellowship, and places for people to come for resources and support. The website is growing fast and updated often, we have a ministry phone line set up, and we are now broadcasting a live radio show online every week.

 Village of Christ Ministry received it's name based on our vision from God to create a "village" in Christ's name for all of His people. It takes a village to raise a child as the saying goes, and that is the focus of our Kid's charity. That is also the vision of what our ministry is, a place for all to come together to worship, fellowship, and feel the love of Jesus Christ. A Village of Christ.

Please send any prayer requests on our contact page.